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Week 1225 minimalist

If you have ever run cross country or played basketball in the 80s, you know what it's like to run in practically nothing. But for some reason, there's a huge difference between practically nothing and nothing.

This week I tested that limit with some good friends in the forest.

Now if your mind is not already thinking the worst, then you are a more mature person than I am. I have never filmed nudity before so I was a bit nervous to start. Well actually come to think of it that is a lie.

I filmed nudity all the time but that was not on purpose. I would return from a great shoot in the mountains with friends and look at my footage only to realize that they had been running on ridges with their pants down the whole time I just had not seen it at the time. So there is a lot of unusable shots on my hard drive, or perhaps great blackmail if one of them becomes famous. But I am off the trail.

I have never filmed nudity on purpose and that is what today was all about. That and having fun of course.  

Molly and Dylan are much more comfortable than most are with themselves and were down for the challenge. So we headed to the woods with a loose plan a few apples and some blankets. The first thing I learned is that you need to bring a lot more blankets. Very few people are naked outside for very long in the Pacific North West and there is a reason for that.

Molly and Dylan were super lenient as we took take after taking of chilly runs down the paths. The first few minutes I was a bit self-conscious (although fully clothed and not pointing a camera at myself I am not sure if I had any right to be self-conscious) but after a bit, it was just like any other shoot.

After a few more takes and several odd looks from passing hikers, we had the shots, we were looking for. Hot chocolate, high fives and we called it a day. 

See the final below.

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