Looking for Lu

Tracking down a life time of art, one piece at a time.

Art by Lucretia Romey

Curated by Max Romey


North Country artist Lucretia Romey spent her entire life detailing the world around her with pens, paint, and paper. From Antarctica to Norway, from Tonga to Turkey, from Hungary to her home in Canton New York, Lucretia found all subjects in her environment worthy of a canvas. Instead of breaking up her work by location, subject or date, I sorted them by format. "Nature Studies" is a collection of drawings in which Lu details her surroundings with a scientific approach. "Sketches" is a collection of just that; sketches, big, small, and in between. "Watercolors" is also self descriptive, but the paintings in this collection are all smaller than 12"x8". "Large Format" is a collection of works that I've come to see as Lu's master works; the pieces she sold and the gems she gave out as gifts. The paintings in the Large Format Collection are all kept by private owners, friends, followers, and family alike.