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Our top athletes kicked-off the trail running season on the Azores with the traditional Salomon Running Camp. 10,973m+, 201.1km, 6 days, 4 islands - not so bad for a start... Courtney Dauwalter is telling you all about this story !

I only helped out with the filming, but Dean made a super good film so you should check it out!

Not all kids have the chance to experience the outdoors, but nine young runners got the opportunity to explore and run for a week in the Tahoe Wilderness with Max King. As one of the young runners said about the trip "That's what's beautiful about trail running, you will never know where you will go or end up.
At Western States 100 2018, Courtney Dauwalter ran the second-fastest time in the history of the race. And we were able to share the story of Lucy B running her first 100mile race with the support of her Dad, Ash. Let's relive that day along the very long trail from Squaw Valley to Auburn.
There is a reason no one has ever broken the four minute mile outdoors in Alaska. Eight top milers learn that first hand as they travel to the last frontier for two shots at the elusive record. But I order to get close to that time the competitors may have to work together for every single second.
Took a trip home to Boise, Idaho. Did some reflecting on my early morning run. Follow my journey here: ttps:// -- Thank you for watching this video! My favorite days are those that stimulate me physically and mentally. Athletics keeps my body fit, entrepreneurial business keeps my mind fit.