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You will never see the hidden secret behind making a great film

What can make or break a film, can’t be seen on the screen and (if done well) won't be noticed by the audience?

Answer: Sound

This six chapter film about the people of Bali is incredible both visually and acoustically. See and hear this incredible snapshot of culture through the eyes and ears of those who live it.  


How much work actually goes into sound?

Documentaries, like large budget films often do the majority of their sound production after the filming is finished in the studio. This can include everything from dialogue, music, Foley, mixing, and leveling.

Here the team behind The Hobbit does a great job in explaining what kind of work went into their extensive and multi-part process.

It is hard to describe how important sound is to film but next time you are watching a movie try muting it for a few minute and hear what you are missing. 

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