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Three steps to a great Time-lapse

Whether you have an I-phone, DSLR, or Gopro, time-lapses are a great way to capture time on a whole new scale. Here are three tips to keep your shot stable, interesting and on point.

Need more info?

I-phones and other camera phones will put together the footage for you, but what if you don’t have one? Here are a few options for you to turn any camera into a time lapse machine.


DSLR: Get magic lantern. It is a free firmware upgrade that will allow you to set up your DSLR as a time lapse camera.

GoPro: These cameras are great and have build in functions but getting them to work can be a bit tricky. Here is how to get it going.

Polaroid: Don’t even...

Get the shot

Once you have the camera set up you want to plan for at least 5 seconds of finished footage. The average video is shot at 30 frames per second, so if you take a photo every second for 3 minutes you will have 180 photos or 6 seconds (180frams/30fps) of footage. With that being said play it by ear. If you only have 3 minutes 1 shot per second will be fine, but if you are shooting for 2 hours you might want to look at one shot every 30 seconds.

Putting it all together

You will end up with a lot of photos of the same thing, so to make anything interesting with them you will have to put them together as a movie. You can do this the hard way in most editing programs by importing all photos and changing their duration to 0.01 seconds or you can download one of the many free programs that will do it for you. My personal favorite is Gopro Studio because it is free and easy, but there are lots of good options out there so find what works for you.

Capture the world

Now that you are a time-lapse pro you can travel around to capture the changing world we live in. 

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