So who is this guy?


There is a reason I am behind the camera and not in front of it...


This is the part of the website where I am supposed to say professional sounding BS about how “each film I make is an extension of the human experience” or something else pretentious so I can justify charging an arm and a leg to make a video. I will still charge an arm and a leg per video but I may as well be real with people here.

My name is Max (if that was not evident) and I grew up all over the place. By the time elementary school rolled around it was clear that I was not learning like the other kids but not just because I was more wild, modest and devilishly good looking, it was because I could barely read. Turns out I was extremely dyslexic, which meant I really struggled to read write, and express my imagination until I discovered film. All of the sudden I had a medium that I could not misspell and I could not get enough of it. I started filming everything, especially my other great passion, running. Between the support of this community and the amazing people around me the content we started making actually made a difference. Running is a hard thing to capture and when done right they could really feel that hard-to-explain passion that drew people to the trails, mountains and track. I was hooked.

To me, happiness is when you can capture and share a story or feeling. When someone can watch the world through your eyes and know exactly what you are talking about, with out having to say a word. So that is what I am going to be working on. Capturing those stories, those feelings and those things, that bring people together in the way only a great video can.

“Each film I make is an extension of the human experience, or some other BS”

- Max Romey


Although sometimes I am in front of the camera ...

It is certainly not my forte but I am beginning weekly Vlogs to share a bit of the not so polished life as I chase down the film maker dream. They are nothing special yet but you can check out a new one every Monday!